Fantasy Battle Gets 'Real' For Louisville Area LARPers

Frequent Cherokee Park visitors may not know what LARPing is, but they've likely encountered it.

It stands for "live action role playing"—a game where people take on roles of mythical beings or fantasy warriors and battle each other with foam weapons called boffers. The game, which can take years to play out, is often described as part interactive theater, part Dungeons and Dragons. 

"The simple act of taking things away from the table and moving in a physical space changed everything, and I was hooked," said LARPer Geoffrey Runge.

Runge is a founder of ForgeHall, a local version of the game that is played out over several weekends a year at Glenn Wood Hills in Derby, Ind., about 70 miles driving west from Louisville.

The group meets again this weekend for the third event of the year. 

"The idea is to have an environment where everyone can come and bring their imagination and the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts," Runge said.